Sell It For You

Save Time & Hassles

Selling your car privately can be a hassle. You have to do things like run classified ads, list it online, field phone calls and have strangers come to your home for test drives. You also need to ensure your car is maintained and all parts are working.

There are times when your payoff balance may be more than the valuation. But don’t let that discourage you. If you need the most out of your vehicle then we still have options. Let us do the selling for you. We not only have access to the wholesale market but we also have access to the retail consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Make appointment for evaluation
  • Agree on a Reserve Sale Price
  • Have vehicle mechanically inspected for retail prospect. (we handle this for you, Inspection fee is $155)
  • Sign a consignment agreement, we handle the rest.
  • We will list vehicle on our multiple dealer platforms with access to thousands of buyers.
  • We will handle all appointments with prospective buyers
  • We will handle all test drives

There is a fee for us to sell your vehicle. We will take care of all the upfront expenses if needed and any agreed expense will be deducted from the proceeds at the time of the sale.


There will be an agreed Sale Fee percentage deducted from the proceeds to cover processing and handling. This will vary depending on the condition of vehicle and if title is present or if there are additional processes necessary to obtain clean title. Either way it will be discussed prior to consigning vehicle to ensure a smooth process.

Yes, we work directly with Manheim Auto Auctions and Adesa Auto Auctions. They are a dealer only auction and gives us access to buyers all over the country.