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Auto Dealer Solutions specializes in all phases of the automotive industry. We have been in the industry for over 40+ years and have seen the market change drastically over the past several years. Now, more than ever, you need to know where every dollar goes to ensure you are achieving the most from your investments. Critical components of buy/sells can easily be overlooked without an expert eye. At Auto Dealer Solutions, let us put our team of experts and our network of partnerships at your disposal.

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Our highly trained, skilled staff is exposed to the daily fluctuations of the automotive market. Our key employees include over 40+ years of experience in both the retail and wholesale automotive industry, over 20 years in the automotive auction industry, and over 30 years in the banking industry. They not only know, they understand how to overcome obstacles and achieving excellence. They monitor the market on a daily basis in order to deliver the best value to our customers. They have thousands of vehicles to choose from and they want to hand pick the right vehicle for you. Why settle? When you can have exactly what you want in a vehicle.

At Auto Dealer Solutions, we understand that purchasing a vehicle can be difficult, but we are committed to making your experience a pleasure. In addition, we have a wide range of training in all motor vehicles which include: Boats, RV’s, Commercial Trucks, Trailers, Motorcycles, and Passenger Vehicles. Let us put our experience at work for you, so you can focus on your interests.

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